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Click Cart Pro

Demo ClickCartPro
Front end
Admin Username: webmaster Password: webmaster
Name & Version:

ClickCartPro v. 5.1 (tiki)

Functionality (Brief):

Complete e-commerce solution. Manage an entire web site and online store with one software package. Integrated with all major credit card processors, plus has the ability to process orders offline. 100% of the program is configurable via an administrator utility. Supports connections to advanced relational databases, but is capable of running in CSV-only mode.

System Requirements:

A Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or Windows based webserver running Perl 5* or higher. Webserver must allow for the execution of web based (.cgi or .pl) scripts. Windows servers require the presence of ActiveState Perl. *This program supports Perl versions 5.005 and higher.

Programming Language:

Written in Perl 5 using an object-oriented design. All programming code is delivered in source format, therefore it is editable.

Mail Handler:

Mail is handled by the Perl module Mail::Sendmail (included). This module eliminates the need to use sendmail on Unix servers and emulates a SMTP server when sending messages. The program also has the ability to use sendmail directly on Linux, Unix and Mac OS X systems.


Easy installation. Using the telnet/ssh install methods, the package will install in 3-5 minutes and be up and running with full functionality. Using only ftp is tedious, but can be done in 20 minutes.

Additional Bundled Software:

The following software elements are bundled and not sold with this software package. Certain functions of each of the elements below are used: HeirMenu DHTML Menu Code (from www.dhtmlab.com); Perl Modules: Business::UPS, Business::USPS, CGI, Crypt::HCE_MD5, DBD::AnyData, SQL::Statement, DBI, Digest::MD5, HTML, HTTP, LWP, MIME, Net, URI, and Mail::Sendmail (from cpan.perl.com). Copyright information for these elements is available in the license agreement.

Regular Price:$249.99
Special Price: $169.00
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